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Welcome To Habitus Building Systems!


Thank you for your interest in Habitus, it's very much appreciated.



Did you know ... that over 260 million children are unable

to go to school?

Between 2015 and 2017 alone, over 120 million people, 

mostly children (that's not including the millions before

and since), were made homeless due to wars and
disasters. The financial catastrophe caused by the COVID
Lockdown, will increase these numbers substantially.

Over a Billion people are living in terrible conditions.


We believe that NOBODY should have to suffer like this

and EVERYBODY deserves a decent, safe home.

Since World governments are not doing nearly enough
and are overwhelmed, we cannot
wait for someone else
to fix the problems, WE must help
ourselves. We must
give a sense of safety and normalcy to
these children, our
next generation!

Instead of just complaining, we decided to DO something

about it.

Habitus hobbit dome
School 3
Grow Dome Revisited 4.10.19
vertical hydroponics
Basic Dome-V2 window
Duplex Dome-V2 window
Stonework dome interior
Torus-V2 window
Dome Interior with mezzanine
Cottage Dome Bedroom
Hospital in park-like setting
Refugee Camp


We believe that EVERYONE, especially children, deserves to have a safe place to live, learn and grow.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for these children and their families. 


We have a phenomenal solution, for schools, affordable housing and growing food, for a fraction of the cost. 3 unskilled people can erect a disaster proof structure in 30 minutes, which can last 200 years.


The children of today, will hold the future of the World in their hands tomorrow. If we take proper care of them now, it will result in a much more compassionate future society.

Wherever children are neglected in the World, it ALWAYS creates a myriad of social problems for us all. If we don’t take care of them now, we WILL pay for it later.

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